Fortius Inter Partes d.o.o. za posredovanje u osiguranju

What is it that we do?

The insurance brokering is defined by the Insurance Act as the activity of initiating, proposing or carrying out the preparatory work for concluding insurance and reinsurance contracts, providing assistance in exercising rights under insurance or reinsurance contracts, in particular in settlement of claims addressed to an insurance company or a reinsurance company.

The exclusive activity of our company is providing insurance and reinsurance brokerage services.

We offer following services:

  • We identify the (insurance) risks that endanger your business
  • We reassess your current insurance contracts and synchronize them with your actual needs
  • We advise you on necessary preventive measures aimed at reducing the possibility of damages occurring
  • We analyze the market and recommend the best insurance company and offer
  • We create the insurance solutions that are best suited for you
  • We take care of all your insurance programs
  • We offer our expertise in case of claims and we facilitate quick and adequate indemnity
  • We take responsibility for your insurance needs and we guarantee professional and high-quality services.

We can offer our clients the global insurance solutions which can be adjusted to the local specificities and needs by using the Willis solutions, as well as the knowledge of our employees who have many years of experience working in the insurance and reinsurance field.


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