Fortius Inter Partes d.o.o. za posredovanje u osiguranju

About us

Company FORTIUS d.o.o. became FORTIUS INTER PARTES Ltd Insurance and reinsurance brokerage company.
In September 2017 we have changed our company name.
Our address, ID Number, IBAN number remined unchanged.

Fortius Inter Partes Ltd, insurance and reinsurance brokerage company was founded in 2003.

We do business in accordance with the Insurance Act and we are licensed for performing insurance mediation for all classes of life and non-life insurances and reinsurance respectively for activities related to work preparatory to the conclusion of insurance or reinsurance contracts and assistance in exercising rights under insurance or reinsurance contracts, in particular in settlement of claims addressed to an insurance company or a reinsurance company.

We collaborate with insurance and reinsurance companies that are ranked high on the European and global insurance and reinsurance market.

Our professionalism and quality have been recognized at the international level and we are successfully cooperating with the world largest insurance broker and in order to provide our clients with global insurance solutions adjusted to the local specificities and needs.

From 2008 we are present in Bosnia and Herzegovina through company Fortius BH Ltd.

From October 2018 we are directly present in Slovenia through company Fortius Inter Partes Ltd, Slovenia.

With our knowledge and experience in insurance and reinsurance business we are able to meet all your demands and to offer you the high level of services that you are accustomed to in your business environment.

We are available for all your questions.

Thank you for trusting us!